Agnostic Front släpper sitt elfte album The American Dream Died den 4 april via Nuclear Blast. Albumet producerades av Madball-sångaren Freddy Cricien.

Bandets sångare Roger Miret kommenterar: ”We chose this title ’cause we want to open up people’s eyes to what’s going on in this country.

”We have a lot to say.

”Not everyone realizes that our government and the people who run this country are so corrupt, greedy and ruthless.

”We need to educate the ones we reach.

”We’re losing our values.

”We address real issues, from full-blown corruption and scandals to unjust police abuse and brutality.

”Everything we stood for as a country is going down the drain. But we still somewhat have our freedom of speech. We’re expressing it all through this record while we can.”

Låtlista The American Dream Died:
1. Intro
2. The American Died
3. Police Violence
4. Only In America
5. Test Of Time
6. We Walk The Line
7. Never Walk Alone (feat. Freddy Cricien, Toby Morse, Lou Koller)
8. Enough Is Enough
9. I Can’t Relate
10. Old New York
11. Social Justice
12. Reasonable Doubt
13. No War Fuck You
14. Attack!
15. A Wise Man
16. Just Like Yesterday