Finska melodiska dark-metalbandet Amorphis släpper sitt nya album Circle den 19 april via Nuclear Blast Records. Albumet spelades in tillsammans med Hypocrisy och Pain sångaren Peter Tägtgren, som tidigare varit producent åt bland andra Children Of Bodom, Celtic Frost, Immortal och Dimmu Borgir.

En kort sammanfattning av albumets koncept-berättelse lyder, ”The protagonist has been dealt a bad hand at birth. He’s always felt himself an outsider with strong potential to become marginalized. Through an accident, after a crisis, he finds a connection with his inner powers. A guide is sent to him, from some other time and place. He gets a chance to take hold of his own life and change his destiny. From the past of Carelian Finland he finds his own spiritual tribe and the power to turn the course of his doomed life. This is a story of survival.”