Två år efter bandets senaste album, Juggernaut Of Justice, släpper nu metallegenderna Anvil Hope In Hell den 27 maj via SPV/Steamhammer. Hope In Hell markerar debuten för bandets nya basist Sal Italiano som kom in i bandet för ett år sedan.

Bandets gitarrist/sångare Steve ”Lips” Kudlow kommenterar, ”We’re really happy with Sal. His style is powerful and amazingly imaginative. It’s a little as if we’d enlisted Steve Harris.”

We hadn’t expected this kind of extensive tour when we brought out Juggernaut Of Justice. Time just flew by. I could hardly believe it when I found myself in the studio again after the tour, ready to work on the next album. The reactions to Juggernaut Of Justice and the shows had been so positive that we had plenty of ideas and inspiration for new material.”