Danska Artillery släpper sitt nya album Legions den 22 november via Metal Blade Records. Några av låttitlarna kommer bestå av: Chill My Bones, God Feather, Legions, Wardrum Heartbeat, Global Flatline och Anno Requiem.

Bandets gitarrist Michael Stützer kommenterar albumet, ”I personally think it’s the best production we ever had on a ARTILLERY album. It’s very raw and heavy.

”Our new drummer, Josua (Madsen) and new vocalist, Michael (Bastholm Dahl), really deliver the goods on this album, Josua is an amazing drummer and real nice guy and Michael is the singer in Artillery who is the closest ever to (original Artillery vocalist) Flemming Ronsdorf beside putting a lot of new elements in the band because of his vocal range. He is also writing some great lyrics. So this band is a very complete unit.”