Det är nu klart att Black Star Riders ansluter sig till den redan imponerande line-up som Sweden Rock Festival bjuder på i år, se postern här under och börja längta till årets festival.

Via sin Facebook-sida meddelar Sweden Rock Festival:
Thin Lizzy – legends and infinitely loved by the SRF audience for such songs as The boys are back in town, Don’t believe a word and Jailbreak. Now they change name to Black Star Riders, since guitarist Scott Gorham and cohorts don’t want to release new material as Thin Lizzy without the late Phil Lynott who passed away in 1986. The band’s first album as Black Star Riders arrives in May, and according to A&R guru Monte Conner who has signed the band to Nuclear Blast ”it doesn’t just sound like Thin Lizzy, but like classic Thin Lizzy”! Gorham’s current sidemen are an impressive lot: bassist Marco Mendoza (ex-Whitesnake, Ted Nugent), drummer Jimmy DeGrasso (ex-Megadeth, Alice Cooper), guitarist Damon Johnson (ex-Alice Cooper, Sammy Hagar) and singer/guitarist Ricky Warwick (The Almighty). Of course there will be both new songs and Thin Lizzy classics when said gang is unleashed at SRF.

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