Blind Guardian släpper sitt tionde album Beyond The Red Mirror den 30 januari via Nuclear Blast. Albumet följer upp At The Edge Of Time från 2010 och är producerat av Charlie Bauerfeind (Saxon, Hammerfall, Helloween).

Bandets sångare Hansi Kürsch kommenterar albumet: ”A story between science fiction and fantasy. The story begins with our 1995 album, Imaginations From The Other Side. The two worlds described therein have changed dramatically for the worse since then. While there used to be several passages between the worlds, there is only one gate left now: The Red Mirror. It has to be found at any cost.”

Gitarristen André Olbrich tillägger: “We want to surprise and impress with our music. Nowadays, music tends to be arbitrary and predictable. But we want to keep developing our music.”

Låtlista Beyond The Red Mirror:
1. Ninth Wave
2. Twilight Of The Gods
3. Prophecies
4. At The Edge Of Time
5. Ashes Of Eternity
6. Distant Memories (bonus)
7. Holy Grail
8. The Throne
9. Sacred Mind
10. Miracle Machine
11. Grand Parade