Återförenade death-metalbandet Broken Hope släpper sitt sjätte album Omen Of Disease under sommaren via Century Media Records.

Bandets sångare Jeremy Wagner kommenterar, ”Some time ago, a festering death metal prophecy indicated something sick and brutal was coming back from the dead. The malignant signs became evident when Broken Hope first resurrected from the grave and then went on tour. A more sinister foreboding followed when Broken Hope wrote a new death metal album for the world to hear. Today, I’m a harbinger, here to alert everyone of a ’death metal omen’ that is upon us…I speak of the new Broken Hope album, Omen Of Disease. The album title itself reeks of a musical offering that is nothing short of gruesome. Omen Of Disease will be released to infect everyone worldwide this summer. I promise: this death metal album is a most savage, feral, pestilential, and lethal creation. You’ve been warned…”