Rockbandet Buckcherry från Kalifornien släpper sitt sjätte album Confessions den 13 februari via Eleven Seven Music.

Bandets sångare Josh Todd kommenterar, ”Confessions is a loose concept album that revolves around the notion of the seven deadly sins and is inspired by my childhood. Seven of the songs on the record are the seven sins, so Gluttony, you know, it’s just about over-consuming everything in your life, you know, and just being a glutton. And it’s got a great hook and I really love the lyrics and everybody likes the song.”

Låtlista Confessions:
1. Gluttony 
2. Wrath 
3. Nothing Left But Tears
4. The Truth
5. Greed 
6. Water 
7. Seven Ways To Die 
8. Air 
9. Sloth 
10. Pride 
11. Envy 
12. Lust
13. Dreamin’ Of You