Cauldron släpper sitt nya album In Ruin den 29 januari nästa år via The End Records.

Jason Decay från bandet kommenterar albumomslaget: ”We wanted a basic, straight-to-the-point cover without going totally Metallica Black album; something that catches your eye when flipping through the record bin.

”I saw a decrepit and eerie looking statue hovering in a doorway upon the ’In Ruin’ title. We expressed this to our friend Squid (who did the artwork), and I guess you could say it’s a cross between Poltergeist, Alice In Hell and Intravenus De Milo?!”

Låtlista In Ruin:
1. No Return / In Ruin
2. Empress
3. Burning At Both Ends
4. Hold Your Fire
5. Come Not Here
6. Santa Mira
7. Corridors Of Dust
8. Delusive Serenade
9. Outrance

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