Finska Children Of Bodom släpper sitt nionde album, I Worship Chaos, den 2 oktober via Nuclear Blast.

Bandets gitarrist/sångare Alexi Laiho kommenterar: ”We are close to putting the finishing touches on the new Children Of Bodom record, I Worship Chaos, and as much fun (but most importantly raw, literally bloody knuckled hard work) it has been making it, I’m more than happy and even more anxious to share this chaos with the rest of the world. So people, put your shades and helmets on, it will get very dark and it might hurt, in a perfect Children Of Bodom fashion, of course!

Låtlista I Worship Chaos:
1. IHurt
2. My Bodom (I Am The Only One)
3. Morrigan
4. Horns
5. Prayer For The Afflicted
6. I Worship Chaos
7. Hold Your Tongue
8. Suicide Bomber
9. All for Nothing
10. Widdershins