Svenska Dark Funerals nya album, Where Shadows Forever, släpps 3 juni via Century Media.

Bandets gitarrist Lord Ahriman kommenterar:  ”Wow, did six years pass already? Time surely flies fast! But you know what, we’re back! Dark Funeral is back! And in true Dark Funeral spirit, like so many times in the past, we continue to push all boundaries musically and bring black metal into a new, fresh and dark dimension. This is by far our most professional, technical, dynamic and epic album thus far. And compared to previous albums, each new song offers a unique spirit and identity that is more profound than ever. And whether you like extreme black metal or not, I’m sure every fan of metal will find songs on this album that they can enjoy to its fullest!

”Every piece of the new album is combined into total perfection. The music, lyrics, musicianship, artwork and production. The artwork was made by Necrolord and the album was recorded at Dugout Studios with producer Daniel Bergstrand and studio engineer George Nerantzis. And I couldn’t be more satisfied with each and everyones contribution.

”Anyway, it feels absolutely fantastic to be back with new music. And I can’t wait to let you all enjoy our latest satanic symphony Where Shadows Forever Reign. See you all soon somewhere on the road!”