Deathstars släpper nytt album i februari 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records. Albumet följer upp Night Electric Night från 2009 och spelas in i Studio Bohus tillsammans med producenten Roberto Laghi.

Bandets sångare Andreas ”Whiplasher Bernadotte” Bergh kommenterar: ”Deathstars is an adventure for us. It’s as if it is a phenomenon of its own, and our forum for destruction, glitter and darkness.

”We are very excited about the new material and every time we hit the studio, we never know what the outcome will be. I mean, we have a general idea, but we’re never a 100 percent sure how the final result will be until we’re done and can sit back and listen to it.”

Deathstars Claws Through Europe Tour 2014 startar den 15 mars i Stockholm.