Stockholmbandet Degradead släpper sitt fjärde album The Monster Within den 23 augusti via Metalville. Albumet spelades in i Panic Room i Skara tillsammans med producenten Thomas ”Plec” Johansson.

Johansson kommenterar, ”It has been great going back to the roots even on this one. No drum triggers or sample replacements used whatsoever, which is otherwise so commonplace in today’s metal productions. We did it the hard way, with getting the right sounds from the start and having Amit actually playing the parts until we got the takes we needed, tuning the drums in between takes, switching snares for different songs etc… No plugins were used in the process either other than for very surgical tasks and special FX. All other processing are real chambers, hardware reverbs, delays, compression and EQ. Five times more work, but five times more fun and inspiring plus it’s five times more fun to listen to.”

Låtlista The Monster Within:
1. One Against All
2. The Monster Within
3. For Better Or Worse
4. Dead Will Come Alive
5. We’ll Meet Again
6. The Dark Mind
7. Strive To Struggle
8. Scars Of Misery
9. Tendency To Sin
10. Sorrow Never Survives