Svenska deathbandet Demonical släpper sitt fjärde album Darkness Unbound den 20 september via Cyclone Empire.

Bandet kommenterar, ”We are confident that Darkness Unbound will be an important milestone not only for us as a band but also an album that will have a certain impact on the current death metal scene and especially the Swedish old-school wave.

”The artwork and visual concept of the album follows the same somber path as the music, making it a solid entity of perpetual death metal darkness.”

Låtlista Darkness Unbound:
1. Darkness Unbound
2. The Order
3. An Endless Celebration
4. Contempt and Conquest
5. King of All
6. The Healing Control
7. Hellfire Empire
8. Words Are Death
9. Deathcrown
10. The Great Praise 
11. World Beyond (Kreator cover)
12. Burned Alive (re-recording)