Svenska death-metalbandet Diabolical släpper sitt femte album Neogenesis den 19 april. Albumet spelades in Necromorbus Studio (WatainUnanimatedDeströyer 666) i Alvik.

Bandets gitarrist Tobias Jansson kommenterar, ”It is with great pleasure that we finally get to share this album with the world. We have put in a tremendous amount of effort into this recording and spent the most part of the last six months in studio Necromorbus. I think we have raised the bar for ourselves a lot with Neogenesis both with the songwriting and the recording. It has been tough, but very interesting for us as well.”

Bandets andra gitarrist Carl Stjärnlöv tillägger, ”Originally I wanted someone else to do the artwork for us this time since I’ve done it for the last two releases and I also wanted to focus on the recording. However, in the end we didn’t find what we were looking for with any artist, so I once again took on the task. I wanted to make something that reflected the philosophical and spiritual aspects of this album and I had a vision of what I wanted. I discussed it with Pär and he and I realised the idea by him making a painting which I mixed with photos of all of us in the band, so what you see on the cover artwork is actually a band photo with all of us combined into one face blended with Pär’s painting. On top of that I added a lot of symbols that are significant to the concept of Neogenesis.”