Det melodiösa rockbandet Diamond Dawn från Göteborg har via sin Facebook-sida meddelat att bandet och sångaren Alexander Strandell går skilda vägar.
Följande meddelande finns att läsa på sidan:

”The band and Alexander will from now go on in different directions. Olle, Jhonny, Niklas, Mike and Effy will continue playing together, wishing Alex all the best.
The future and what will happen to the ’name’ Diamond Dawn is not entirely determined yet, much is happening at the moment and we are still sorting things out. So we ask you, the best people in the world, to be patient at this time and try to check this page regularly for updates. We understand that this must strike most of you as sad news and indeed it is. Be assured though that this in no way is the end of anything but merely the start of something.

There will be a more extensive statement in the near future but this is all for now.

Much love/
Olle, Jhonny, Niklas, Mike and Effy”

Bandet släppte debutskivan Overdrive under våren 2013 via Frontiers Records och har under året spelat med Lita Ford, H.E.A.T. och Casablanca utöver de egna spelningarna på bland annat Skogsröjet och Hojrock.