Progressiva metalikonerna Dream Theater har börjat jobba på sitt nya album. Det hittills namnlösa albumet kommer innehålla elva låtar och följer upp A Dramatic Turn Of Events från 2011, vilket var bandets första album utan trummisen Mike Portnoy.

Bandets gitarrist John Petrucci kommenterar, “So far it’s not very developed at all. We’re scheduled to go into the studio in January. We have a handful of ideas we compiled while we were on the road, and we have those archived. And since I got back from the road, and have had some time off, I’ve been spending more time compiling, writing and demoing some things. There are a bunch of seeds, a bunch of ideas, and a definite direction. Everybody is hired, the studio is locked, and the vision for the type of album has been talked about and secured. The only thing that’s not there is the main material, but we’ll go in January full force.”

Before we go into an album, I like to sit down and think about what we’re going to do instead of just going in and winging it. I’ll usually come up with some sort of proposal, and we’ll talk about it a bunch of times over the course of the month, and get everyone on the same page. This way, people can start to think about musical ideas in that direction, and get in the right headspace. For me, it makes everything so much clearer when you’re in the studio. If you have a direction and a goal, you get better results.”

Albumet kommer förhoppningsvis i slutet av året via Roadrunner Records.