Idag kan vi på läsa att sångaren Magnus Klavborn lämnar Engel och att Lenne (ex-Twelvestep) tar över mikrofonen.

Detta står på hemsidan:

”We are sad to say that Magnus will not be a member of ENGEL anymore. We had a really good run and we will miss him very much. There is no hard feelings between ENGEL and Magnus and we parted ways as friends, carrying with us a lot of good times and awesome memories.
However, this will not affect the coming shows, since our good friend Lenne (ex-Twelvestep) steps up to the plate once again and fills in for Magnus during the Blood Of Saints Over Sweden+ Tour. Come out to the shows and support Engel and Lenne by banging your head on the Frontline!

Magnus has issued the following statement:
“So this is it, my time in Engel is over. I’m not going to rant about the who’s and why´s, just say goodbye. I have had a lot of good times and I am sad to leave it behind, but that’s how it goes sometimes.
It´s not a farewell forever, I’m not going to quit music.
I´m going to miss the boys on stage, the people in the crowd and all the good friends I have met on the road.
To the boys on stage: Good luck with all future adventures.
To the crowd: Stay true, I will miss you.
And to the “roadsters”: See you again soon.”



Engel är just nu ute på Blood Of Saints Over Sweden Tour och nästa spelning är på slutsålda Bandit Boat 14 och följande datum är alltså bokade:

9-10/11 Bandit Boat

30/11 James Rockbar, Halmstad
1/12 Kulturakademien, Motala
7/12 Harry’s, Växjö
8/12 Last In Line @ Dynamo, Norrköping
14/12 Glada Ankan, Karlstad
15/12 MetalOrgy 2012, Helsinki, FINLAND

Passa på att titta på Cherrys bilder ifrån Magnus sista gig tillsammans med Engel när de spelade på Sparbankshallen tillsammans med W.A.S.P och Badmouth HÄR.