Svenska Entrails släpper sitt nya album Obliteration den 15 maj via Metal Blade Records.

Bandet kommenterar: ”It feels awesome to have completed all the recordings in our own Bloodshed Studios and get an outstanding mix from the mixterman Dan Swanö! Dan provided us with the ”lost” Sunlight studio sound with a real 90s feeling. We sound more driven and the Death Metal is a bit rawer than before, we feel we are on the right path once again. Entrails continues on doing what we believe Death Metal should sound like!”

Dan Swanö tillägger: ”I guess Entrails have sold their souls to the devil, because there is no other way to explain how a band that’s been doing the same style of SweDeath for more than 20 years, can keep making better and better records! In fact, some of the tracks on this album are among the best Death Metal songs I have ever heard. Such a great album…it pisses me off!!!”

Låtlista Obliteration:
1. No Cross Left Unturned
2. Epitome Of Death
3. Beyond The Flesh
4. The Grotesque
5. Obliterate
6. Skulls
7. Midnight Coffin
8. Bonestorm
9. Abyss Of Corpses
10. Re-Animation Of The Dead