Fear Factory har äntrat NRG Recording Studios i Norra Hollywood tillsammans med producenten Rhys Fulber för att spela in sitt nya album, som släpps tidigt 2015 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Albumet mixas av Andy Sneap som tidigare jobbat med bland andra Megadeth, Killswitch Engage, Exodus, Testament och Accept.

Bandets gitarrist Dino kommenterar det nya materialet: ”Well, each one of our records are so different from each other. You know, it still sounds like Fear Factory. There’s still the killer guitar picking, the killer drum beats, Burt’s [C. Bell] beautiful vocals on the top of it, you know, that’s all still very much intact, but you always have to try and experiment and push your music to different places, you know what I mean? From [1992’s] Soul Of A New Machine to [1995’s] Demanufacture is a big jump, and Demanufacture is obviously so different. I would have to say this record would land somewhere between Demanufacture and [1998’s] Obsolete.”