Tyska Freedom Call släpper sitt nya album Beyond den 24 februari 2014 via SPV/Steamhammer.

Bandets sångare/gitarrist Chris Bay kommenterar: ”Stylistically, we have remained faithful to ourselves. In fact, we’ve even returned to a slightly more traditional direction. I think that’s probably the result of recent tours, where we had lots of fun with the classic Freedom Call numbers, which not only a lot of our faithful fans from the band’s early days will appreciate.”

Låtlista Beyond:
1. Union Of The Strong 
2. Knights Of Taragon 
3. Heart Of A Warrior
4. Come On Home 
5. Beyond 
6. Among The Shadows 
7. Edge Of The Ocean 
8. Journey Into Wonderland 
9. In The Rhythm Of Light 
10Dance Off The Devil 
11. Paladin 
12. Follow Your Heart 
13. Colours Of Freedom 
14. Beyond Eternity