Det polska extreme-metalbandet Hate släpper sitt åttonde album Solarflesh den 5 februari via Napalm Records. Albumet spelades in i Sound Division Studio i Warszawa tillsammans med producenten Filip ”Heinrich” Halucha (Vesania, Decapitated) och Arek ”Malta” Malczewski (Behemoths ljudkille).

Bandets gitarrist/sångare Adam ”ATF Sinner” Buszko kommenterar, ”I believe Solarflesh is the most insane and haunting record we’ve done thus far. It’s nothing but pure darkness… We’re extremely satisfied with this 61-minute monster (12 songs) that we’ve put to life. Now we’re working on a documentary about creation of Solarflesh, its ideological sides, the band’s history, touring etc. It’s going to be much more than just a studio report. We want it to be an in-depth interview revealing some unknown facts, hidden meanings etc. I’m sure people will find it interesting.”

Låtlista Solarflesh:
1. Watchful Eye Of Doom
2. Eternal Might
3. Alchemy Of Blood
4. Timeless Kingdom
5. Festival Of Slaves
6. Sadness Will Last Forever
7. Solarflesh
8. Endless Purity
9. Mesmerized
10. Hatehammer (limited-edition bonus låt)
11. Venom (limited-edition bonus låt)
12. Fall Of All Icons (limited-edition bonus låt)