Helloween släpper sitt femtonde album, My God-Given Right, den 29 maj via Nuclear Blast. Albumet producerades av Charlie Bauerfiend (Gotthard, Hammerfall). Omslaget designades än en gång av Martin Häusler (Bon Jovi, Queen, Gotthard).

Häusler kommenterar omslaget: ”We tried to build a world of ideas, keeping the ’classic Helloween’ elements, like the pumpkins on the one hand and a complete new look on the other, just like we did it the years before, working on a Helloween artwork.

”A first inspiration came from the album title, My God-Given Right, and some of the song titles, like Swing Of A Fallen World, Lost In America, Battle’s Won, etc.

”During my research, I stumbled upon the blockbuster Day After Tomorrow and the idea of just leaving the world to the ’pumpkins’ was born.

”The most challenging part of this artwork was to have both the limited edition and the 11-inch earbook provided with a 3D lenticular cover (a full 3D cover, visible without 3D glasses). That’s the reason the entire artwork was done ’in one piece,’ using a 3D program…
We did not want one of those ’cheap’ lenticular covers, done by converting a 2D version, but the best possible real 3D result. So don’t get any other versions — this will be a true collector’s item!”