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Uppsalabandet In Solitude meddelade igår via sin Facebook-sida att de lägger ner bandet och går skilda vägar. Meddelandet lyder:

2002 – 2015

Dear friends. It is with great sadness that we inform you that we have chosen to end In Solitude here.

This is something that’s been taking shape for a long time and suddenly the day came when we had to evaluate our positions in life and find a solution.

The reasons for our departure are not hostile in any sense and our love for each other and the music is stronger than ever before. But it is with respect for that music and that love between us that we choose to end it at this point.

Changes in our personal lives demanded that we treated this as carefully as we could and with our deepest respect and reverence for all personal feelings, and for the aim of our journey.

This has been one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make and we’ve had to investigate every inch of our beings in order to make this right. In Solitude has been the center of our lives for 13 years and we’ve invested everything we have in this and to make this decision was to rip us up by ours roots and make us re-evaluate our entire lives and our future.

As the final words fell in our concluding agreement, we looked back and saw with new eyes the magnitude of our brotherhood and the things that were carried through because of it. Our trust, our love, our shared obligation. The truth of the hand and the truth of the word to disperse the bounds between us and to diverge the shore for us follow. How it gave us the width of the world and the means to share it and store it together. All that was in it and all that was taken from it. And all the things that now shall pass without our collective notice. We saw with new eyes how clarity entered in stagelight and moonlight and sunlight and darkness and landed us finally over and over in that inexplicable mystery of beauty that we’ll share as ours forever. If there was ever an accomplishment in what we did, it was the merging of the five of us in unity and the things that came as everything grew because of it. Not a single second was spared in these 13 years, and we’ll never ask for any of them back. We spent everything in our world on this and got more than everything back.

We want to thank all our closest brothers and sisters for being there and standing by our side the whole way through. Your love, support and hard work will never be forgotten and your presence have realized this band and enriched our lives in ways you’ll never understand. You are all truly the geniuses who shall change the course of the world. You know who you are. And we’ll always admire you for that.

Last, but most importantly. We thank all of you for being there. In the crowds, in front of the stereos and in our hearts. Without you, this strange and wonderful dream would never have happened. The impact of your support can never be put in words and the outcome of our lives will always be in debt to you for what you gave us. As much as we were In Solitude, you were as well.

We know that this will come as a shocking surprise for many of you. And we hope you understand that we must follow our hearts in order to stay true to what In Solitude is and what that entails.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you forever.

/Pelle, Uno, Gotte, Nicke and Henke

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