Inga mindre än Iron Maiden, vars nya dubbelalbum The Book of Souls gick rakt in på albumlistans förstaplats i Sverige och över 40 andra länder, återvänder till Sverige till sommaren i sitt enorma Boeing 747-400 jumbojet Ed Force One.

Planet flygs av sångaren Bruce Dickinson under hela The Book Of Souls World Tour som når 35 länder och landar i Göteborg för en konsert på Ullevi fredagen den 17 juni.

Biljetterna till denna efterlängtade konsert släpps måndag den 26 oktober kl 9.00 via

Bruce Dickinson hälsar:
“We cannot wait to get back out on tour. Maiden thrive on touring and getting out to our fans, it’s also what we enjoy most. When we start in the USA in late February it will be 19 months since our last show at Sonisphere in the UK so we are raring to go. It will be a great feeling to board our new Jumbo Ed Force One with the crew and the gear and head round the globe and get back on stage for you guys! The last time we played at Ullevi was in 2011 so we are all excited about coming back to Gothenburg. The whole Maiden vibe whenever we play here is always fantastic, we get such a warm welcome from our Swedish fans!”

Dickinson fortsätter:
“Of course we haven’t decided on the set list as yet and won’t until we start rehearsing but we really look forward to playing a number of new songs live, especially as the recording was so much live. However, as it’s been a while since we saw you all, I am sure we will include plenty of older fan favourites too. I think the fans will be delighted by what we have in mind. We are also in the middle of creating the new show and rest assured we are working hard to bring you all something spectacular, something with a lot of heart !!! You certainly deserve it for your patience.“

Special Guests för Ullevikonserten kommer annonseras längre fram, och som support på hela The Book Of Souls World Tour ser vi The Raven Age

17.6 – Ullevi, Göteborg