Kerry King har gett oss en uppdatering angående Slayers kommande album och Jeff Hannemans återhämtning efter att ha blivit biten av en giftig spindel tidigt 2011.

Om det kommande albumet säger King, “We have two songs that we completed last May and just need mixing. We have another that just needs vocals and leads and me and (drummer) Dave Lombardo are working on a complete new one that we haven’t demoed. The whole hold-up now that seems to happen with every album we do is that Rick Rubin wants to change distributors. So we’re left in limbo until he lands somewhere. Realistically we are without a deal, but we plan on staying with Rick. When that gets settled we will start recording. I’m very comfortable saying that it will be out this year.”

Om Jeff Hanneman säger King, “Not to sound weird, but when you get off tour, you scatter. And I don’t talk to him because I hate him, I don’t talk to him because I had enough of him! I don’t even talk to Tom Araya (singer). The only reason I talk to Dave is that we rehearse all the time. When I go off tour I just want to go chill and be Kerry, not Kerry King. From what I know he’s still trying to get basic in the game.”

Missa inte Slayer när de kommer till Gröna Lund den 7 augusti. För mer info, klicka HÄR.