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Greg Olliver, som tidigare har regisserat och producerat filmen Lemmy från 2010, är nu tillbaka med en web-dokumentär fokuserad på Ghost.

Första delen består av live-framträdanden, intervjuer och bakom kulisserna från Ghost’s Sverige, Tyskland och Belgien-turné.

Olliver kommenterar, ”You can’t point a camera at Ghost without every frame of footage looking like heavy-metal gold.

”I was thrilled to hear that they wanted to work with me.

”Making films with legends like Lemmy and Johnny Winter, who have well-known stories, is one thing, but to work with a band that’s on a fast rise to fame and has a mysterious story which is currently unraveling requires an entirely different approach. Add in the anonymity of the group and the look that they have… and you suddenly have a whole lot to chew on as a director. The only downside is that I felt a bit silly on stage filming while NOT wearing a robe and black mask.”