På grund av krock i schemat kommer Nightrage-sångaren Antony Hämäläinen inte kunna uppträda med bandet under Gothenburg Sound Festival den 5 januari på Trädgårn i Göteborg. Hans ersättare är ingen mindre än bandets ex-frontman Tomas Lindberg från At The Gates.

Hämäläinen kommenterar, ”So, as some of you may already know, the band has been selected to play the Gothenburg Sound Festival in January. Unfortunately, due to some scheduling conflicts I was unable to resolve, I will have to miss this show. It will be the first Nightrage show in six years that I will miss and it completely sucks!

This festival’s lineup is of legendary proportions (Ceremonial Oath, Gardenian). But fear not… I am proud to announce that we are going to just tack one more to that list of legends for our friends and fans in Sweden. That’s right, the one and only Tomas Lindberg will be helping us for this one-off show. And it’s safe to say I am jealous as fuck not to see this take place. I have also seen the setlist for this show, and let me tell you, no one will be disappointed.”

Lindberg var sångare på bandets två första album Sweet Vengeance från 2003 och Descent Into Chaos från 2005.