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Die For A Lie finns med på Anvils nya album Anvil Is Anvil, som släpps 26 februari via SPV/Steamhammer.

Bandets gitarrist/sångare Steve ”Lips” Kudlow kommenterar: ”Even in modern times, mankind has not found peace. We cling to ancient beliefs and wage wars against each other in the names of God. We still have no proof or solid scientific evidence that our beliefs are in fact truth or fact. Killing each other over theories of origin… We are still in our infancy as far as civilization is concerned. We are slowly discovering our true factual origins and eventually we will discover the truths. A truth that can’t be denied is that people have lost the plot of what religion was supposed to be about. Instead of spreading love and understanding, we spread hate and ignorance, murdering each other because we believe one God and belief is better than another, when it all is likely bullshit!”

Trummisen Robb Reiner tillägger: ”Die For A Lie, musically, is a perfect Anvil template out of the classic blueprints, fully charged with riffs only found with Anvil, and drum arrangements very unique to Anvil style and sound! Lyrically, it’s suggested for all those who are in belief of handed down broken telephone lines (religion)… Take another look!”