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I Hurt finns med på Children Of Bodoms nya album I Worship Chaos som släpps 2 oktober via Nuclear Blast.

Bandets gitarrist/sångare Alexi Laiho kommenterar: ”To me, it seems like I Worship Chaos has a lot darker vibe in it than the previous albums and so far everyone has told me that the songs are a lot catchier this time, which I’m definitely glad about. To sum it up, it’s angry, dark and catchy as fuck. I think it’s safe to say I Worship Chaos is Children Of Bodom reborn even more pissed off.”

Låtlista I Worship Chaos:
1. I Hurt
2. My Bodom (I Am The Only One)
3. Morrigan
4. Horns
5. Prayer For The Afflicted
6. I Worship Chaos
7. Hold Your Tongue
8. Suicide Bomber
9. All for Nothing
10. Widdershins