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DevilDriver har släppt en lyric video till Sail, som är en cover av Awolnation’s hitlåt. Låten finns med på bandets senaste album Winter Kills som släpptes förra året.

Dez Fafara kommenterar DevilDriver’s beslut av göra en cover på Sail: ”Yeah. I was in the car one day and [my teenage sons] were playing the song and I absolutely connected with the lyrics ’Blame it on my ADD.’ I mean, I suffered from attention deficit my whole life. And the song has the word ’sail’ in it and I’ve been on tour for 20 years, so I liked it. I hit the guys up, they got back to me in five minutes and we’re, like, ’Let’s cover this.’ But DevilDriver likes to cover obscure tunes; we covered Black Soul Choir from 16 Horsepower.

”We started to realize that’s more fun; covering obscure stuff is more fun. We’ve never really done anything that’s current …

”My kids were playing it around the house and I was, like, ’Man, I really like this song.’ We heard that Awolnation has heard it and they like the cover as well, which is really cool. When you’re covering another artist’s song and they like what you’ve done with it, that’s always a pleasure.”