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Soul Hacker finns med på Fear Factorys nya album Genexus som släpps den 7 augusti via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Bandets gitarrist Dino Cazares kommenterar låten: ”We chose the song Soul Hacker for the first single ’cause it’s heavy, catchy and has a lot of groove. You can really hear the aggression in Burt’s [C. Bell] vocals on this one, not to mention on the entire album. We think people are really going to love this song and record; it’s super varied, melodic, aggressive and heavy.

”We wanted to make it a little more interesting than your typical lyric video, so we included some live footage of the band from our last few tours and images of ourselves performing the song on TV screens. Hope you guys like it!”

Låtlista Genexus:
1. Autonomous Combat System
2. Anodized
3. Dielectric
4. Soul Hacker
5. Protomech
6. Genexus
7. Church Of Execution
8. Regenerate
9. Battle For Utopia
10. Expiration Date