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Rise finns med på Sixx: A.M.s nya album Prayers For The Damned, som släpps 29 april via Eleven Seven Music.

Bandets sångare James Michael kommenterar: ”Throughout history, some of the most dramatic changes have occurred when people reject the status quo and demand change. Rise is about how we find ourselves at a global tipping point and how it is our duty as citizens of this world to come together, communicate with one another and rise up to demand more of ourselves and our leaders.”

Nikki Sixx tillägger: ”A song like Rise speaks to the fact that you don’t have to look very far around the world to see people standing together and rising up against some oppressive force.

”We’re not a political band, but we certainly do believe in a unity between people. The only time when things make a change for the positive is when people put their differences aside, rise up and stand together.

”A big part of our message is, and will always be, finding hope in dark subject matters, taking universal messages and rendering them in a way which people can ascribe their own meanings to and relate to their own life experiences. That is something that resonates with our crowd and gives us the strength of connection we do.”

Låtlista Prayers For The Damned:
1. Rise
2. You Have Come To The Right Place
3. I’m Sick
4. Prayers For The Damned
5. Better Man
6. Can’t Stop
7. When We Were Gods
8. Belly Of The Beast
9. Everything Went To Hell
10. The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit The Ground)
11. Rise Of The Melancholy Empire