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Flower Kings album cover Desolation Rose

The Flower Kings har släppt en lyric video till Desolation Road. Låten finns med på bandets nya album Desolation Rose som släpps den 29 oktober.

Bandet kommenterar låten, ”Desolation Road portrays a human race hell-bent on destroying environment, peace and inner harmony. It’s a very dangerous path the human race is upon at this very now — where we put profit and notorious control of the individual before physical and mental health, a world up for grabs for those who spin upon the axis of greed and individualism. Leading to more than half the world living without proper education and sometimes without food for the day — while the other half live in a danger zone of unhealthy, consuming addictions and made up realities inside our gadgets & fucked up, controlled by corporations media. We have money and we have freedom and we are spoilt, and we have the gift of knowledge but we constantly abuse it and in perpetual outbursts of religious and monetary conflicts we pave the way for a true road to desolation. Uplifting?”

Låtlista Desolation Rose:
1. Tower One
2. Sleeping Bones
3. Desolation Road
4. White Tuxedos
5. The Resurrected Judas
6. Silent Masses
7. Last Carnivore
8. Dark Fascist Skies
9. Blood Of Eden
10. Silent Graveyards