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Death Blow finns med på The Resistance nya album Coup De Grâce som släpps 22 januari via earMUSIC.

Pressmeddelande: ”Coup De Grâce reconnects with the one and only, original extreme hardcore and slams it straight down your throat and into the present age. The ferocious and relentless pureness makes it a masterpiece, as the overwhelming aggression encloses and doesn’t let you go.”

Låtlista Coup De Grâce:
1. Death March
2. I Welcome Death
3. Smallest Creep
4. Violator
5. Felony
6. Death Blow
7. Resolution
8. World Order
9. Enslavement
10. Art Of Murder
11. For The Venom
12. The Drowning
13. As It All Came Down