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Where Is Your God Now? finns med på svenska Unleasheds tolfte album Dawn Of The Nine, som släpps den 24 april via Nuclear Blast. Omslaget är designat av Pär Olofsson (Immortal, Demonaz, Exodus).

Bandets frontman Johnny Hedlund kommenterar: “This song is the fourth song on our new album continuing the story about the world of Odalheim.

”In the aftermath of the great battle at Uppsala fields, and after some time has passed, the Battalions of the World hunt down White Christ to challenge him personally. Needless to say, he needs to be faced with the atrocities he is responsible for. But, just like most cowards, it seems that he fled to higher ground.

”The Hammer Battalions are ready, waiting eagerly… Where is your god now?”

Låtlista Dawn Of The Nine:
1. A New Day Will Rise
2. They Came To Die
3. Defenders Of Midgard
4. Where Is Your God Now?
5. The Bolt Thrower
6. Let The Hammer Fly
7. Where Churches Once Burned
8. Land Of The Thousand Lakes
9. Dawn Of The Nine
10. Welcome The Son Of Thor!