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Den 19:e mars släpps Anthems, en EP som Anthrax satt samman av covers.

Klicka HÄR för att komma till’s spelare och lyssna på låten.

Bandets gitarrist Scott Ian kommenterar EP:n, ”It was a lot of fun, especially because a lot of those songs aren’t, I guess, normal for us or like so much of our repertoire — although they are because they’re songs we all knew. Maybe on paper the idea of us doing something like that seems weird, until you hear them and then it makes sense. And Joey’s performance on the Journey song, specifically, really blows my mind. Someone mentioned that Neal Schon (Journey’s guitarist) better not hear this or we might lose our singer

Låtlista Anthem:
1. Anthem (Rush cover)
2. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy cover)
3. TNT (AC/DC cover)
4. Big Eyes (Cheap Trick cover)
5. Smokin’ (Boston cover)
6. Keep On Runnin’ (Journey cover)