Iced Earth släpper sitt nya album Plagues Of Babylon den 21 januari, men redan nu, tre veckor innan kan du lyssna på albumet i sin helhet via Spotify.

Gitarristen Jon Schaffer kommenterar: “This album is a bit more epic compared to Dystopia. When I was working on the Dystopia stuff I just felt that was the way to go, and I don’t think Plagues of Babylon is far off from that. I think this album has a couple more songs that are a bit more epic in terms of the writing. One of the things I wanted to do was make it heavier and give it a live feel. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t overproduced.

”I got really good takes out of everybody but I wasn’t so anal as to make sure that everything was 100% perfectly in tune and perfectly on time. I really wanted to capture the essence and energy of a band that has been touring its ass off. I think I accomplished that from a production standpoint.”