Amerikanska metalbandet Machine Head har förlorat sin trummis Adam Duce.

Duce har tidigare sagt att han känner sig orättvist behandlad av Robb Flynn (gitarrist/sångare) och detta kan mycket väl vara en av anledningarna till avhoppet, han har sagt ”I had some issues with the writing process for Unto The Locust. I kind of took myself out of it until it was time to write my bass lines. I wrote a bunch of music, or riffs, that Robb didn’t have any idea what to do with vocally, and so he didn’t wanna use any of that. But more importantly, I wrote lyrics that meant a lot to me and I gave it to him. I’ve given him page after page after page of lyrics. And it usually comes back that way, where he’ll use a verse or a part of it or whatever — ’I’m gonna take this part and put it down here.’ . . . whatever works for the cadence. But I got kind of burned on putting my soul out on a piece of paper and giving it to him and when I see it next time, there’s no remnants of what the original idea was. And I was just like, ’You know what, dude?! I’m not giving you any more fucking lyrics, because I’m fucking sick of looking at this, the way that it fucking turns out.’ I said, ’I’ll work on it with you at the same time, but I’m not giving you any more lyrics. I’m not giving you pages of lyrics.’ He was fucking angry at me for a while, but you know… that’s fucking what happens.

I’ve thought about quitting on different occasions, but I mean, Robb’s thought about quitting on different occasions as well. Dave (McClain, drums]) actually quit the band. I can safely say everybody’s thought about quitting at one point or another.”

Bandet kommer att fortsätta sin pågående turné som en trio, de har även börjat skriva på nytt material som förväntas släppas i slutet av 2013.