Marduk är i full färd med att spela in sitt trettonde album Frontschwein som förväntas släppas under januari 2015. Förra albumet Serpent Storm släpptes 2012 via Blooddawn Productions/Century Media.

Denna gången är det inte Peter Tägtgren som står för producentrollen, gitarristen Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson kommenterar: ”We don’t really need a producer. He wasn’t really a producer, he was more the studio engineer, but, I mean, we recorded so many albums in his studio up there and we did it for so many years, we thought it was time for a change. Now we’re recording more or less the same amount of albums in another studio, but the same studio for Plague Angel [2004], Rom 5:12 [2007], Wormwood [2009] and Serpent Sermon [2012]. In that studio we’re actually going to do the next album as well, because our bass player owns it. For me, it’s perfect to work from your hometown instead of travelling away, and we have full control and we produce everything ourselves and we get it the way we want.”