Danska melodiska death-metalbandet Mercenary är klara med sitt sjunde album Through Our Darkest Days som släpps den 26 juli via NoiseArt Records. Albumet spelades in tillsammans med producenten Jacob Hansen (Raunchy, Volbeat, Nightrage, Hatesphere, Pyramaze). Omslaget är designat av Mircea Eftemie (gitarrist i MNEMIC) och har nyligen jobbat med bland andra Soilwork och Illdisposed.

Bandet kommenterar omslaget, ”Last year when we were busy with pre-productions, we considered reaching out to Mircea to ask if he’d like to give our new cover a shot, because we liked his recent stuff and wanted to try someone with a fresh approach. Against all odds, however, he actually beat us to it and contacted us first with the exact same offer, so it very much seemed as a collaboration that was meant to be.

”After a few sketches, we quickly locked on to the main motive of the cover, which we felt was both iconic, mysterious, and not least, oddly disturbing. Most importantly perhaps, we also felt that Mircea’s artwork had managed in a natural way to combine something fresh with the style of our older album covers and their dark and atmospheric vibes.

”As our new album is very much a combination our latest material with a lot of the more traditional melodic and melancholic elements of previous Mercenary albums, we felt that this was a perfect visual expression of Mercenary’s sound and identity in 2013.
”The cover symbolizes a darkness that we have gone through as a band, which we feel that we have finally been able to put behind us.

”The title of the album is meant very positively and thematizes both the journey through existential darkness as a general theme and the ability to break through it.

”The lyrical universe is very much about making the most of life and not getting caught up in negativity.”