August Burns Red är tillbaka med sitt sjätte album, Found In Far Away Places, som släpps den 29 juni via Fearless Records. Här under hör du ett smakprov i form av första singeln, The Wake.

Bandets gitarrist JB Brubaker kommenterar: ”We wanted to start the record with a bang and this song is a real kick in the mouth. It’s fast and heavy while discussing how our planet is being destroyed by the gross misuse of our resources, and the general apathy of the human race when it comes to caring for the Earth”.

Låtlista Found In Far Away Places:
1. The Wake
2. Martyr
3. Identity
4. Separating The Seas
5. Ghosts (Featuring Jeremy McKinnon)
6. Majoring In The Minors
7. Everlasting Ending
8. Broken Promises
9. Blackwood
10. Twenty-One Grams
11. Vanguard