Broken Hope har gjort en ny låt tillgänglig, The Docking Dead. Låten finns med på bandets sjätte album Omen Of Disease, som släpps den 1 oktober via Century Media Records.

Bandets gitarrist Jeremy Wagner kommenterar, ”I began penning words for Broken Hope 25 years ago, and my approach has never changed… I still create the most horrific, insane, and repulsive lyrics my mind can conjure. The Docking Dead is no exception to my long list of nasty flash-fiction.

”Many of my ideas start with a ’what-if’ scenario. In the case of The Docking Dead, I asked myself, ’What if a ’Re-Animator’-like scientist attempted to harvest human foreskins from male corpses using an experimental re-agent and growth hormone — and in doing so, he started a zombie apocalypse?’ That’s all I needed to write the lyrics to this song.

”Zombies, dead penile tissue, death metal, and grind are what’s in store when you hear — and read — our newest preview song, The Docking Dead.”