Prayers/Triangles finns med på Deftones efterlängtade album, Gore, som släpps 8 april via Warner Bros. Records.

Bandets sångare Chino Moreno kommenterar låten: ”It’s just one of those songs that’s very ’Deftones-esque,’ where that dynamic is there as far as that ebb and flow… that dichotomy is what makes us who were are in a way. It’s sort of our DNA. So I feel like it’s a good representation of where we’re at right now and where we’ve been in the past as well.”

Låtlista Gore:
1. Prayers/Triangles
2. Acid Hologram
3. Doomed User
4. Geometric Headdress
5. Hearts and Wires
6. Pittura Infamante
7. Xenon
8. (L)MIRL
9. Gore
10. Phantom Bride
11. Rubicon


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