Entombed – med Lars Göran Petrov, Olle Dahlstedt, Nico Elgstrand och Victor Brandt, går nu under namnet Entombed A.D. De släpper sitt nya album Back To The Front den 5 augusti via Century Media Records, men redan nu kan du höra ett smakprov i form av Vulture And The Traitor.

Petrov kommer endast att göra spelningar med Entombed A.D. och inte med Entombed – förvirrande det där.

Petrov kommenterar: ”After a year of struggles, we are happy to finally get Back To The Front out! There is no one stopping us this time from playing music, being on the road and headbang as metalheads do!”

Om Bedlam Attack säger han: “It was the first song we recorded for the album, fitting that it’s the first one out! We had a hard time getting it right due to its somewhat unorthodox arrangement. Took its bloody time before everybody started to really like it. Now we do, though, and very much so, thank Satan! It’s about losing one’s mind in a mental hospital. Obviously you’ve lost it already since you’re locked in. This is about when you really lose it and realize that you have to get out before things go completely tits up inside your head. All the while knowing deep inside that you will never get out.”

Låtlista Back To The Front:
1. Kill To Live
2. Bedlam Attack
3. The Underminer
4. Second To None
5. Allegiance
6. Waiting For Death
7. Eternal Woe
8. Digitus Medius
9. Vulture And The Traitor
10. Pandemic Rage
11. Soldier Of No Fortune