Michael Shenker’s Temple Of Rock har gjort en ny låt tillgänglig, Where The Wild Winds Blow. Låten finns med på bandets nya album Bridge The Gap som släpps den 2 december.

Shenker kommenterar, ”I wanted to combine the old with the new; that’s why the album’s called Bridge The Gap. I always have some new, fresh sparks to share when I record a new album. I am inspired from within — it’s infinite like a kaleidoscope.”

Låtlista Bridge The Gap:
1. Neptune Rising
2. Where The Wild Winds Blow
3. Horizons
4. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely
5. Rock’n’roll Symphony
6. To Live For The King
7. Land Of Thunder
8. Temple Of The Holy
9. Shine On
10. Bridges We Have Burned
11. Because You Lied
12. Black Moon Rising
13. Dance For The Piper
14. Faith