Running Free, som är en cover av Iron Maidens gamla klassiker, finns med på Stone Sours nya cover-EP Straight Outta Burbank, som släpps under månadens gång.

Corey Taylor kommenterar låtvalet: ”Well, if you’re going to cover something, then you want to make sure you go for the best. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan because… I mean… it’s fucking Maiden, man! They’ve got so many great songs and I think they’ve got two vocalists that really led the charge you know. Not to put anything down that they did with Blaze [Bayley], but growing up it was [Paul] Di’Anno and [Bruce] Dickinson for me. So it was just a case of figuring out which tune we wanted to do and Running Free just had the spirit of what we were looking for. You know, it’s kickass, it’s driving, it’s got the great Maiden guitar breaks that makes them such a special band. So, once we settled on that song and really got into it, we were really stoked.”

Låtlista Straight Outta Burbank:
1. Sailin’ On (Bad Brains)
2. Running Free (Iron Maiden)
3. Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones)
4. Too Fast For Love (Mötley Crüe)
5. Seasons In The Abyss (Slayer)