GREEN DRUID, the new gods of crushing psychedelic stoner doom, have signed a worldwide recording deal with Earache Records.

Brooding.  Atmospheric.  Isolationist.  With weighty riffs summoning the Lovecraftian horrors of the cosmos, GREEN DRUID’s music entrances listeners with tales of the Old Blood and of dismal worlds too soon forgotten.

Ordained at the hallowed altars of SLEEP, ELECTRIC WIZARD and all things THC, GREEN DRUID’s full-length debut album ’Ashen Blood’ will descend upon the ears of the worthy in early 2018.  Listen to the first auditory offering, ”Pale Blood Sky”:

”We are both honored and incredibly excited to be joining the label that kickstarted some of the most influential bands in extreme metal,” said the band in a statement.  ”We cannot wait to spread our brand of doom and gloom to a neighborhood near you!”

Hailing from the land of Denver, Colorado – the first US city to legalise marijuana – GREEN DRUID worships at the feet of the monolithic amplifier, and performs holy communion with the tremorous onslaught of murky tones that emanate from its maw.

Keep your eyes on the skies and your ears to the ground for more rumblings from the deep in the near future.

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