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Placeholder har släppt första singeln tillsammans med nya sångaren Lee Male.
Låten heter Faith och ni hittar den för stream HÄR, videon hittar ni nedan.

Lee Male säger såhär om låten
”’Faith’ is the product of pushing through and persevering. I started speaking to the guys in the first lockdown and we had planned on getting into a room together and seeing how my voice sat within their new demo’s. Six months later we were in a studio recording our first single having never actually played live together. This was a very different approach to creativity, writing and demoing everything remotely. That being said, hearing it come together in the studio was massively rewarding but a world away from our roots of practice room writing / demoing for months, but we managed to turn that slight bump in the road into a massive positive and are all so proud of how ‘Faith’ sounds. Hopefully ‘Faith’ will help you realise that no matter how heavy your burden, opening up and talking about it will always help.”