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Halestorm har släppt låten Back From The Dead med tillhörande video.

Såhär skriver Lzzy via bandets facebooksida:

-”Up from the dirt I rise.

It’d be so much easier to just sink into the hole that I have dug for myself, the grave that this world, broken trust, guilt, toxic relationships, pressure, anxiety and depression have helped me create. But that’s not who I am. Is it harder to pick myself up and out of the blackness that sometimes plagues my mind? Yes. But no one ever said being your best self is easy. Self love is a full time job. And as always, music comes to the rescue. My words and messages in my songs that I’ve been so lucky to have unleashed for others empowerment… is also my empowerment. It is my life light, providing my nutrients from a muse on high, a fickle but gracious muse that enables me to balance my emotions, and manifest my destiny. It reminds me how to love, and who looks back at me in this house of mirrors. A reflection sometimes bent, but never broken. Through music we heal, and rock forward, knowing that we are not alone on this journey. With horns raised, we march through the quicksand, and together we make it to the other side, hell cannot hold us down.


I hear you, I see you, and I love you, Lzzy”
Kommande gig:
9e Februari 2022 på Fållan, Stockholm.
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